Historic Huntsville Half Day

Mischief and Mayhem Tours presents:

Civil War Tour (Half day)

Our Historic Huntsville, AL Railroad Depot was occupied by Union Forces in 1862. The third floor was used as a prison for Confederate soldiers. A lady would frequently visit carrying a “basket of food”, always followed shortly by the mysterious disappearance of one of the Confederate prisoners! What was really in her basket?

There’s a wonderful story about the gate in front of the Cabaniss home, and a young lady who visited the Mayhew home hid a Union soldier in the basement, only to have him return to Huntsville when the war was over and marry her.

George Washington Lane was pro-Union and to this day the Union flag flies over his beautiful antebellum home in the Twickenham Historic District. General Sherman visited Huntsville (Southern ladies found him quite charming) and was entertained in the Bibb home. The Weeden home was occupied by Union soldiers and when the war was over, Maria Howard Weeden supported her impoverished family by selling her paintings for a quarter. We’ll visit this home and Barbara Scott will thrill you with wonderful stories that will transport you back in time.

Our Civil War tour takes place in our Historic Twickenham District and you will enjoy these stories and many more, all within a beautiful historical setting.

Contacts: Jacque Reeves 256-509-3940 and Rhonda Ford 256-527-2488